Androvacuum Premium

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Androvacuum Premium is our highest rated medical penis pump and will effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

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Androvacuum Premium is a vacuum pump that treats erectile dysfunction with fast results. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, affects millions of men worldwide and can seriously affect relationships. Most men will experience it at least once in their lifetime. To improve your performance in the bedroom, our penis pump can give you a quick and easy erection in a matter of seconds.

How Does Androvacuum Premium Work?

The way the device works is a proven medical concept. The penis will be naturally stimulated by turning on the pump, and an erection will begin. Upon removing the air surrounding the penis, a vacuum is created, which pulls blood into the penis. Once you slip the constriction ring on after achieving an erection, you can maintain hardness as long as you like.

Penis pumps slowly suck the air out of the container. An environment with reduced pressure will result from removing air from the tube. A vacuum is developed in such a way that it prevents pain. It also works fast, so if you’re in the middle of a romantic moment, you can keep the moment going with the vacuum pump.

Androvacuum Premium is an excellent answer to ED as it does not require any medications which can have dangerous side effects. In addition to restoring impotence-damaged relationships, it can improve overall sexual performance. The results of the vacuum are immediate, allowing men to regain confidence in bed quickly.

Regular use of the device will ultimately enable the body to achieve an erection without a penis pump. This will occur naturally over a time of three to four months. It is also essential to address the underlying cause of ED.


How to use Androvacuum Premium

Included with the kit is a loading cone which you place on top of the cylindrical tube. Apply a generous amount of lubricant gel (sold separately) to the loading cone and slide the constriction ring down onto the cylindrical tube. You may now remove the loading cone. Next, attach the Adapter Bushing to the cylindrical tube, which helps to maintain a vacuum. Attach the motor to the opposite end of the tube. Set up is now complete.

When you are ready to use the vacuum pump, place your soft penis inside the container. Start the vacuum by pressing the on/off button. Once the vacuum has caused your penis to become erect, slide the system’s constriction ring onto your member to maintain your erection. Push the red button on the top of the motor to release the vacuum. You may now remove the pump and commence sexual intercourse.

There are three different sizes of constriction rings, small, medium and large, to accommodate men of all sizes. Wearing these for more than 30 minutes is not recommended.

What are the Benefits of Androvacuum Premium?

The main reason to use our product is that it works. We have run our device through clinical trials. Our pump has shown a 90% rate of success. In addition, it’s much faster for you to use a pump to gain an erection than to achieve one with pills. Medications also come with the risks of side effects, and you should always talk to a doctor before proceeding.

Androvacuum Premium will almost certainly improve your confidence in the bedroom. Once you have used the device three or four times, you will become adept at using the pump. After a few weeks, erections will come quicker and easier. The device promotes improved blood circulation, resulting in improved erection quality.

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition among men, and nothing is more frustrating than being unable to perform in bed. If the condition persists long-term, it can affect your relationship with your partner. Our medical-grade penis pump allows you to achieve almost instant erections on demand. Once you are familiar with our penis pump, it will take you less than a minute to set up. What better way to show your partner how much she means to you?

You can also improve your sexual fitness with our penis pump. This would involve using the device every day and, over time, will improve your blood circulation. More rigid erections will result. The kit includes an instruction manual detailing how to use the device in this mode.


If you have erectile dysfunction, Androvacuum Premium can help. The penis pump is safe to use, and it’s effective. Penis pumps are a way to obtain the erection that you want without getting surgery or taking medication. Our device will allow you to pleasure your partner and feel confident once again.

Package Includes:

1 x Pump Engine – Electronic motor to create vacuum*

1 x Medical Grade Cylinder – Penile tube

1 x Ring Loading Cone – To load the rings onto the outside of the tube before use of the system**

1 x Adapter Bushing – Helps with the comfort of the tube being up against the body

1 x Constriction Ring (large) – Used to maintain the erection by holding the blood in the penis

1 x Constriction Ring (medium)

1 x Constriction Ring (small)

1 x Instruction Booklet

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

*Two AA size batteries required

**Personal sealing gel required


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