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Bondimedical is an authorised Andropenis reseller. Andropenis enlargement devices are produced by Andromedical. The innovative design of Andropenis was developed by Dr. Gomez de Diego, the founder of Andromedical who holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.

Andropenis utilises the medical principle of traction to provide results. A small amount of pressure is placed on the penis to cause tiny tears in the tissue of the penis. The wearer’s body through a process called cellular multiplication will fill in these tears, and the resulting addition to the tissue of the penis leads to an increase in the length and girth of the penis.

Andropenis enlargers are certified medical quality devices. Andromedical now partners with authorised resellers in over 140 countries worldwide. The laboratory has established itself as a leader in the field of male enhancement in 80 countries including Australia where it is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG 365771 Class 1 Medical Device).

Why has Bondimedical chosen to become an authorised Andropenis reseller? The quality and effectiveness of Andromedical’s penis enlargement devices are backed up by the health licenses, ISO quality certificates and patents the company has acquired.


Many penis enlargement products on the market are unregulated. These unregulated supplements sold as natural enhancers can cause harm to people who have a negative reaction to the ingredients contained in these pills. Poorly-designed pumps or other extenders that do not utilise traction effectively are unable to provide the results men want.

Andropenis products are set apart because of their status as medical devices. These devices are produced by the licensed health laboratory owned by Andromedical. This laboratory has met requirements related to the health standards set forth by licensing agencies around the world including CE marking and USA FDA registration. Buyers can be sure Andropenis devices are made of medical-grade materials in a sterile environment.


Bondimedical is an authorised Andropenis reseller for a reason. We stand behind the quality of the devices produced by Andromedical. ISO quality certification achieved by Andromedical helps to underline the high quality of every penis extender produced by the company.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification allows Andromedical to produce uniform products while maintaining high quality standards. This certification guides Andromedical through the process of developing and implementing quality control techniques to provide customers with the best penis enlargement devices on the market.
  • ISO 13485:2003 certification is specifically geared toward improving quality control during the manufacture of medical devices. Andromedical is able to produce safe penis extenders by implementing the control standards related to this certification.


The quality and innovative design of Andropenis devices have prompted Andromedical to attain patents around the world. Trademarks related to the design of the device allows Andromedical to be the only company on the market to produce the exclusive penis extender which provides proven results with scientific evidence from doctors and surgeons worldwide.

Bondimedical – Advanced Medicine, Trusted Care.

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