Testimonials and Reviews from Real Customers – Andropenis

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Peter White

“Sex in no longer uncomfortable”

Testimonial 1

At 49 years of age I was somewhat sceptical purchasing and using this product at first. I suffered some curvature and an erect length of a little over 130mm when I started. At six months of use, 160mm and curvature significantly diminished. Most significant changes occurred in the first 6 months. Sex was no longer uncomfortable nor embarrassing. Now and 12 months of use later, 180mm and no curvature at all. Very pleased…and so is she.


“Excellent all round”

Testimonial 2

Firstly, the product itself is of superior quality, but anyone who has done research will know that Andropenis provide quality products. The item arrives boxed, with each component individually sealed in plastic. It comes with a detailed manual to show you how to set up the product and wear it, as well as an instructional DVD. They have covered every base, whether you want a quick start, or a visual presentation to lead through the process. I have only just received the product, but I can say now, I am more than happy that I chose the Andropenis over other products on the market.


“Get laid much more”

Testimonial 3

I had always been embarrassed of the showers after a football match but after just a few months of use I couldn’t believe the difference. My girlfriend is amazed to see how much longer my penis has grown (1.9 inches) my erections feel more firm and the quality of sex (and the amount!) of sex I’ve been getting has increased, penis size matters, I feel healthier (more sex I guess), I’m very happy with the results, thank you for the extender.


“Great results”

Testimonial 4

My wife has never been happier and my sex drive has never been better. I have increased my penis length and girth by almost 2 inches just by using it a couple of hours every day. The penis extender was easy and comfortable to use and best of all I wore it discreetly under my clothes at work. No one even noticed and I could continue my activities the same as usual. If you want fast penis enlargement I recommend going with Andropenis. It worked for me.


“Difference in 1-2 hours”

Testimonial 5

Well I’ve had my device for only a week and I am surprised at how comfortable it is to wear. I have used other brands of extenders and other methods but found the Andropenis fits perfectly, easy to use and is calibrated. Started using the device for 1-2 hours per day and already I have noticed a difference in length and hardness, (having erections like I had in my twenties, being in my late fourties I am impressed), with these small results already I feel over time my goals will be reached. Thank you for giving me confidence in myself. Amazing.