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Andropeyronie is specifically designed to correct all forms of curvature with a complete recovery in mild cases.

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Penis traction devices can reduce penile curvature. This is done by providing tension to the affected area. Our device distributes pressure over a large area to make using it more comfortable. Once a user places the device onto a flaccid penis, it will start to pull it in the opposite direction of the curvature. With time, the pressure will decrease the bend.

As a man uses the product, the manual will tell him when to adjust it. Extra adjustment parts arrive with the pack, so everything needed is included.

Andromedical is the company that manufactures Andropeyronie. The company has researched the traction device and patented it. Andromedical has clinically tested the product. The FDA approves it, and an estimated 7,000 urologists recommend using it.

Benefits of Andropeyronie

According to the Mayo Clinic, an estimated 1 to 8% of men experience penile curvature during their lifetime. There are two types, Peyronie’s disease, which is acquired by, for example, vigorous sex and congenital curvature meaning you are born with it. Whenever a sufferer has an erection, it may become painful, making intercourse difficult. The disease may cause men to experience anxiety, stress and depression. Penis traction devices like Andropeyronie can decrease penile curvature.

The company developed the device from hypoallergenic materials. This means that the user won’t experience an allergic reaction. Shipping is confidential. Our company will deliver the product in a plain white box without a product description or a logo.

When using the penis traction device, the user shouldn’t experience any adverse side effects. However, minor abrasions could develop if the user doesn’t protect the penis adequately.

How the Device Works

For the penis traction treatment to work, a man must wear the device for four hours each day for a minimum of six months. The wearer can remove the device and take a break every two hours. The traction device is discreet and can be worn throughout the day. To keep it private, the wearer might want to wear loose pants.

Men should not wear Andropeyronie when they’re sleeping. During sleep, a person shifts around unconsciously. Because of this, the user could accidentally damage the penis. Also, he won’t be able to take the required breaks.

What will happen if the penis becomes erect while wearing  Andropeyronie? It depends on how hard the penis becomes. If a user experiences a semi-erection, he’ll feel a small amount of pressure. If the wearer gets a hard erection, it may loosen the device, but it should maintain its connection. The user should take a break whenever he experiences discomfort while wearing the device.

The treatment is recommended for men who are 18 years old and older. There are no upper age restrictions for using the penis traction device. In fact, in some of our company’s studies, men who were 60 to 70 years old used the device. These test subjects saw positive results after using Andropeyronie.


Clinical Studies

The Journal of Sexual Medicine posted an article several years ago confirming that the device can decrease curvature in the penis by more than 60%. The publication also demonstrated that a penis traction device reduces the discomfort of the condition and improves men’s health.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published another report confirming that men with Peyronie’s disease who use a penis traction device can decrease the number of collagenase cycles needed to treat the condition. Medical professionals use collagenase to treat Peyronie’s disease because collagen causes the penis to curve due to scarring. Collagenase breaks collagen down. It also works to generate new tissue.

When a man develops Peyronie’s disease, the ailment may cause his penis to become shorter. This is more likely to happen if he doesn’t treat the condition. A penis traction device can work to offset this side effect of the disease. The good news is that the results are permanent after using a traction device effectively.

Andropeyronie is Safe and Effective

Using a penis traction device can provide emotional and physical help. Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease may experience depression. If the condition isn’t diagnosed immediately, it may cause erection issues, leading to problems enjoying sexual relations. This can result in troubled relationships.

Since the effects of Peyronie’s disease are personal and sensitive, men who experience it may hesitate to discuss it with their family, friends or even their doctor. However, we do recommend discussing the use of a penis traction device with a doctor if you have other preexisting conditions. As with other ailments, the sooner a man receives treatment for penile curvature, the better the chances are for a positive outcome.

Package Includes:

1 x Andropeyronie

2 x Androcomfort Bands

2 x Androsilicone Bands

4 x Androtop

2 x Androring

20 x Extension rods of different sizes

5 x Towelettes

1 x Travel Bag

1 x Instruction Booklet

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

*** SPECIAL: Comfort Kit included for free


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