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The Andropenis PRO is a device that’s designed to increase the size of the penis. It is a penis extender that men can wear during the day, one that’s easy to remove when needed. The Andropenis PRO features a discreet design, and it is comfortable to wear. Men can wear it whether they’re sitting in a restaurant, taking a walk with friends or standing in line for movie tickets.

Benefits of the Andropenis PRO

The benefits of the Andropenis include:

  • Its ability to increase the length of a man’s penis by about 1.6 inches and the girth by around .6 inches during times of flaccidity and when erect
  • Better sexual function
  • A decrease in penile curvature by an estimated 60%

Those who use the Andropenis PRO will not experience a thinner penis. The device increases the length and width of the member. It does this by causing new tissues to form, which adds volume and stimulates cell growth. After using the penis extender for the recommended amount of time, the results will remain.

While this product is a mechanical device, a man should not experience any pain when using it. Initially, the wearer might notice that the extender is in place, but over time, the feeling will fade. Also, as long as a man wears the Andropenis PRO properly, he won’t suffer from any risks or negative side effects.

Some men may wonder if they can wear tight trousers when the device is in place, and while guys might want to avoid donning skinny jeans when wearing it, users can continue wearing a comfortable pair of jeans or khakis.

How it Works

The Andropenis PRO works by applying traction force to the member during the day. It allows the wearer to apply 600 grams to 1,500 grams, or 1.3 pounds to 3.3 pounds, of traction force to increase penis size. The system includes:

  •  A plastic base ring
  • Two shafts made from metal that feature interior springs
  • An upper support that contains a silicone band

Users will appreciate the Androcomfort band because it extends the pressure exerted on the member’s glans across a large area. This feature makes the lengthening and widening process easier. It may also enhance results.

The manufacturer recommends wearing the Andropenis for 8 hours a day. Users don’t have to wear the device for 8 hours consecutively. In fact, wearers should try to schedule a time for rest about every two hours. Those who decide to increase the size of their penis with the extender can wear the device in a way that works for them. If a user forgets to wear the extender for a day, he shouldn’t see a negative effect, but he should wear it a little longer the next day.

Once the penis has increased in size, the user can continue wearing the extender to gain more length and girth. However, additional increases will likely be less and occur more slowly. Keep in mind that the average penis size for men is 5 inches to 6 inches long. This can vary based on the man’s ethnicity.

The Andropenis system is a quality product. Men can get the penis size that they’ve always wanted without facing a risky surgery or using ineffective pills or ointments.


Clinical Studies

There have been many studies on the effectiveness of penis extenders. According to the British Journal of Urology International, a study with 15 participants found that after six months, the mean length gain was noticeable. Following the study, the journal published a report stating that consumers should consider penile extenders to be a marginally invasive and an effective way to increase penis length.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine also published a study about penis extenders. Researchers tracked 54 men who reported that they were unhappy with the length or girth of their penises. For the study, the patients were advised to wear a penis extender for four hours to six hours a day for a six-month period. The research team measured participants at a baseline and after one, three, six and nine months. The results of the study found that the extender not only increased the penis size of those who participated, but participants were also more satisfied and experienced improved erectile function.

Andropenis PRO is Safe and Effective

With a success rate of 97.5%, the Andropenis PRO is effective, and since it will dislodge automatically if a man should experience an erection while wearing it, those who are considering the device can trust that it’s a safe way to increase the length and width of their penis.

Package Includes:

1 x Andropenis PRO

2 x Androcomfort Bands

2 x Androsilicone Bands

4 x Androtop

2 x Androring

20 x Extension rods of different sizes

1 x Instruction Booklet

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

*** SPECIAL: Comfort Kit included for free


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