Androrods Kit

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The Androrods Kit contains additional extension rods which add an extra 3 inches onto the length of the device.

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The Androrods Kit provides the ultimate in accessories for your Andropenis Gold. Over the months of use patients can run out of additional rods as they grow or require extras in order to stay comfortable. This kit includes all extension rods from 0.1 inch (0.3 cm) up to 1.6 inches (4 cm) increasing the size of your penis extender by 2.7 inches (6.8 cm). For added convenience we also include a handy travel bag and a ruler in order to track the progress you are making.


1 x 4cm rods (1.6″)

4 x 2cm rods (0.8″)

4 x 0.5cm rods (0.2″)

1 x 0.3cm rod (0.1″)

1 x Upper Plastic Support

1 x Plastic Base Ring

1 x Andropenis Gold Arm

1 x Travel Bag


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