Andropenis Gold Rods


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Andropenis Gold Rods

The Andropenis Gold Rods package is clinically proven to safely add length and girth to the penis. Up to 60% of men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis. Lengthening the penis leads to an increase in self esteem which boosts sexual confidence and stamina.

How Andropenis Gold Rods Works

Andropenis Gold Rods is a penis extender which is designed to provide long-term results. All Andropenis enlargers use the medical concept of traction to increase length and girth of the penis. Traction is also the same concept that makes it possible for Africian tribes to practice lip, earlobe and neck elongation.

Men can adjust the size of the Andropenis Gold Rods device by choosing the appropriate rods. The device uses an innovative design to securely hold the penis in place without causing discomfort to the patient which is often felt when men opt for an extender with a noose strap. Comfort straps are padded to prevent painful rubbing during wear.

Slight pressure is applied to the penis while Andropenis Gold Rods is being worn. Tiny tears start to form in the tissue of the penis when pressure is being applied for hours each day. The body will then naturally form additional cells to fill in these holes. The fact that this process occurs over several months means there is no discomfort experienced during the lengthening process.

The extra tissue which fills in the tiny tears of the penis prodices the increase in length and girth. Men who choose Andropenis Gold Rods are able to safely increase penis size in as little as six months by an average of 2 inches.

Treating Peyronie's Disease and Penile Curvature With Andropenis Gold Rods

This package is not just for increasing penile length and girth. Men who suffer from Peyronie's disease may experience pain during intercourse due to curvature of the penis. The Andropenis Gold extender has been clinically proven to correct curvature by an average of 60% without requiring sufferers to undergo the risks of surgery.

The design of this penis extender also allows for increased blood circulation and improved erection quality. Men who use Andropenis to correct curvature often find they have the added benefit of additional penile length at the end of the programme.

The Benefits of Andropenis Gold Rods

Opting for Andropenis Gold Rods allows men to access the extra extending rods for ease of use and greater comfort. There are 31 extension rods included in this package which allows users to easily add additional length to the extender as they grow. The wide range of sizes included in the package means patients stay comfortable during the enlargement process.

This kit also includes a measurement ruler to help track your progress. If you find you are not making gains for 1 month your penis will have already adapted to the current length of your extender and it will be necessary to add extra rods.

  • 2 x Androcomfort Bands - By having a flat piece in the middle these silicone bands spread pressure over a larger area resulting in a more comfortable fit.
  • 2 x Androtop for Androcomfort Bands - These are a foam piece with a hole through them for inserting the Androcomfort Band to increase comfort for the user.
  • 2 x Androsilicone Bands - These are the traditional method of fastening the penis onto the device. They are still used today as they can produce fast results.
  • 2 x Androtop for Androsilicone Bands - This foam piece also has a hole for inserting the Androsilicone Band in order to allow the user to wear the device for longer periods of time.
  • 2 x Androring - This is a protective sheath which is worn at the base of the glans where the silicone bands are located. These are unique to Andropenis and vastly improve comfort.
  • 31 x Extension Rods - These come in different sizes ranging from 0.3cm up to 4cm and are slowly added over time as you make gains using the device.
  • 1 x Measurement Ruler - This is used over the course of your programme to help keep track of gains you are making.
  • 1 x Travel Bag - Used for transporting your device discreetly when you are travelling.

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Package Includes:

1 x Andropenis Gold Extender (24K Gold)

2 x Androcomfort Bands

2 x Androtop for Androcomfort Bands

2 x Androsilicone Bands

2 x Androtop for Androsilicone Bands

2 x Androring

20 x Extension rods of different sizes

1 x Instruction booklet in 8 languages

1 x Instructional CD in 27 languages for computer use

1 x Quick Guide in 8 languages

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

1 x Androrods Kit including,

  • 2 x 4cm rods (1.6")
  • 4 x 2cm rods (0.8")
  • 4 x 0.5cm rods (0.2")
  • 1 x 0.3cm rod (0.1")
  • 1 x Measurement Ruler
  • 1 x Travel Bag
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